Cosmic Explorer Cafe

To celebrate the release of Perfume‘s latest album Cosmic Explorer,  a cafe in Taiwan has decorated itself with official Perfume memorabilia and renamed itself Cosmic Explorer Cafe.

Cross Cafe is a well known coffee shop in Taipei’s Da’an District and its owner Ken Wu (VJ KEN from MTV Taiwan) is a big fan of Perfume and let the group use his cafe during the promotion period of Cosmic Explorer.

Perfume lent costumes, special tour merchandise and rare memorabilia from their private collection to decorate the Cosmic Explorer Cafe.


Cosmic Explorer Cafe1

A recommended dish from the menu is the Perfume Latte (tea latte) and 宇宙大鬆餅 Cosmic Explorer Waffle

Perfume_Taipei3 Perfume_Taipei4

A special message board is also at Cosmic Explorer cafe for Perfume fans to leave a message to the girls. It will be delivered to Perfume for them to read!


A select number of Perfume tour merchandise is on display.



Fans got to vote on Facebook which of Perfume’s outfits was going to be displayed. Naturally Perfume’s Taiwan fans chose the costume from “Spending All My Time”


Also on display is the Perfume branded high heels. These are the genuine ones Perfume wear and are sold at Isetan department stores in Japan (new colour and design every year).


Cosmic Explorer Cafe at Cross Cafe will be open for a limited season.
Address: No. 23-1, Lane 91, Section 4, Ren’ai Rd, Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan
Phone Number: +886 2 2771 8281
Open seven days a week.