Taiwan’s hottest idol group, SpeXial, to make a comeback with their 4th album Boyz On Fire with the help of 2 new members.

SpeXial has risen to become Taiwan’s hottest idol group since F4, Fahrenheit and Lollipop. The group was originally a quartet consisting of members Wes, Wayne, Sam and Matthew when they debuted in 2012 but new members have been added along the way. In 2014, members Simon, Evan and Teddy were added; followed by Riley, Ian and Win in 2015.

Throughout the years, SpeXial has worked hard through drama, music and variety shows increasing their popularity in both Taiwan and China.

On July 14th, it was announced that two new Chinese members, Zhi and Dylan have been added to the group and the group will be promoting as a 12 for their upcoming album.


SpeXial‘s 4th album Boyz On Fire will be released on August 12th. The music video of their title song “Boyz On Fire” will be dropped on July 19th.

Check out the teaser below!