Held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on 21st February at 6pm, Stargram 2018 Launch K-pop Show line up include JBJ, B1A4, EXID, Eugene Park, Kwak Dong Hyun and Optical Crew. Find out how to catch you favourite K-pop start for FREE here!

In celebration of Stargram’s launch in Singapore, the Korean IT company is giving away 5,400 tickets to the Stargram 2018 Launch K-pop Show with aim to introduce Stargram Coin system to the public, and bring together people from Korea and Singapore for an invaluable cultural exchange.

Stargram Coin is a digital currency opened by celebrities for fans, it’s the only way to gain access to tickets, special albums, unique collectables and one-of-a-kind concert and fan-meeting privileges.

How To Win

Simply fill in your particulars and successfully refer at least 3 friends in order to qualify for the draw to win a pair of tickets for the show! Continue to refer more friends and increase your chances of winning and even secure better seats!

3 Tiers Of Tickets To Be Won

Climb up the leaderboards of successful referrals and secure better seats! Only the top 200 referrers will get to enjoy the concert in their comfortable CAT A seats and enjoy prime viewing access to the superstars!

    • CAT A (200 winners) – 400 tickets (worth S$288 each)
    • CAT B (700 winners) – 1,400 tickets (worth S$188 each)
    • CAT C (1,800 winners) – 3,600 tickets (worth S$138 each)

Stargram 2018 Launch K-pop Show in Singapore Details

Date: 21st Feb 2018

Time: 6pm

Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium

Win Tickets: SIGN UP HERE