Gothic lolita j-pop group STARMARIE have announced that they will be performing the theme song for new anime, Onigiri. The theme is called “Hime wa rankiryu goikkosama”. Not only will members Monya Nakane and Nozomi Kishita be singing the theme though, they will also be debuting as voice actresses for the anime!

The girls will be amongst a star-studded voice actor cast with Aina Suzuki as Lady Shizuka, Suzuko Mimori as Ibaraki Douji and Sakura, Izumi Kitta as Kaguya, Natsuko Hara as Amaterasu, Yuki Nakashima as Veronica, and Katsuyoshi Konishi as the narrator. STARMARIE’s Monya Nakane will voice Uzume, and Nozomi Kishita will voice Kijimuna.

Nakane has said “I am so honored to be working among such talented actors! Uzume is a sexy character, but I’ll do my best to make her voice my own.”

Kishita also commented “Kijimuna is not a human, so that has its challenges, but I was filled with such gratitude after our frist recording session. It still feels like I’m dreaming.”

Onigiri will premiere on April 6th and is a reimagining of the popular Cyberstep game. Set in mythical Japan home to creatures of Japanese legend and folklore and the battle against the malevolent “Kamikui” that lives among them.

Meanwhile STARMARIE’s TSUTAYA O-EAST Solo Show has completely sold out. Talented girls!

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