2018 is soon coming to a close and this has been a truly big year for K-Pop. In just one year, K-Pop tickets sold have increased by over 140% on a global level and more than 110% in Asia alone! A Korean music wave has taken the world by storm and Australia has been no exception.  The contagious sound, energetic choreographies and extravagant colours that characterise K-Pop has turned into an all-out cultural movement.

StubHub, an online ticket exchange company owned by eBay, wants K-Pop fans to vote: Which group is the best of 2018? After reviewing 2018 tickets sales in 13 different countries throughout the world in Asia, Europe, and the Americas, StubHub has narrowed it down to 16 nominees for the poll. The voting period will be open until 31 October in 13 different countries and 8 languages for fans to participate.

So, who are the Australian K-Pop fans?

StubHub has researched the typical Australian K-Pop fan and after studying data of those who have sought out K-Pop content and events on the website, they have found the following interesting trends:

  • Females represent 80% of the fans
  • 88% are between the ages of 18 and 34.
  • K-Pop fans are connecting from cities all over the continent: Melbourne (31%), Sydney (28%), Brisbane (9%), Perth (6%), and Adelaide (4%).
  • 60% are connecting via a mobile phone/tablet.
  • The majority share common interests in music, movies, food, art & theatre, and social media.

*Information taken from StubHub 2018 data

And which K-Pop groups do the people of “The Land Down Under” prefer?

With its origins in South Korea, K-Pop has quickly spread in popularity throughout Asia. Australians, in particular, have shown a strong interest in certain K-Pop groups. The top three based on K-Pop genre sales in Australia itself are the following:

  • BTS (29%)
  • Black Pink (17%)
  • Wanna One (13%)

The success of the K-Pop groups in Australia has motivated more and more South Korean groups to take interest in having Fan Meetings and concerts there. With upcoming world tour announcements and concerts across the globe, it’s exciting to see what’s in store for the future of K-Pop!

The voting page will also include fun facts about each of the groups as well as their best music video so that fans can watch and vote at the same time. Head to StubHub to vote for your favourite K-Pop group of 2018!