A sudden comeback from BTS has fans reeling with the new music video “Young Forever”!

As the third and final release from their trilogy series, this album is aptly titled “Young Forever”, to highlight their ‘youth’ series. The promise of three videos had fans anticipating the long awaited comeback, but a surprise release on 20th April 12AM KST shocked all fans.

The music video features bits and pieces from “I Need U” and “Run”, hinting more information to fans with theories about the stories behind the videos. The lyrics convey the feelings of how we should continue to chase our dreams even if we fall, because we are young forever.

Through the official BTS twitter account, leader Rap Monster has revealed that “Young Forever” was produced by him along with composer Slow Rabbit.

“Young Forever” will be released 2nd May, with the promise of two more videos to come! There will also be a two day concert held at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena, Seoul, on 7th-8th May!

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