KAT-TUN member Taguchi Junnosuke will be leaving the group and Johnny & Associates next spring.

The announcement was made by Junnosuke himself, after the group took to the stage at NTV’s ‘Best Artist 2015’ to accept an award for their January release, ‘Dead or Alive’. He stated that he had chosen to leave the group and company after much consideration about his path in life, especially since he would be turning 30 soon. He then expressed his gratitude and regret to KAT-TUN’s fans. His departure will coincide with the group’s 10-year anniversary.

Johnny & Associates released an official statement, saying “We have agreed that our company and KAT-TUN member Taguchi Junnosuke would not renew the contract.”

Originally a 6-member group when they debuted in 2006, KAT-TUN is now left with three members, following Akanishi Jin and Tanaka Koki’s withdrawals in 2010 and 2013 respectively. The company has not announced the group’s disbandment but has instead stated that the group’s future is currently being discussed.