Attention all music lovers in Singapore! Remember the notion of those headbanging, indie rock concerts that used to exist before all this K-Pop nonsense started? Well in fact, they do still exist, and the band that does it best in my opinion is coming right to your doorstep to ensure you a night of rocking tunes and a hell of a lot of headbanging.

Taiwanese indie rock band Gigantic Roar although young entries into a thriving and competitive independent music scene, have snowballed critical acclaim since the release of their first official EP “Climbing up the birdy tower” in 2014. Upon their debut, the newcomers unsurprisingly were nominated for ‘Best Live Performance’ that year at the prestigious Golden Indie Music Awards, before clinching the title the following year when they were nominated yet again in the same category.

Speaking from experience, I myself attended their live performance in Taipei last year that got them nominated in the first place, and was absolutely amazed at how they were able to get the crowd going with nothing more than their wits about them and passion for music. I’ve been to many concerts, and none have rivalled their electricity that comes from pure, unadulterated good music.

They’ll be performing in Singapore on the 14th of December at Switch by Timbre (get off at Bras Basah Station), and will also be stringing along guest performers Felix Felicis. The latter is a band consisting of an eclectic yet talented mix of musicians from other well known indie bands such as Elephant Gym, Chocolate Tiger, Come on! Bay Bay! as well as one member from Gigantic Roar himself, guitarist Birdy Hou. The talented quartet have already released their own debut album “A Bunch of Assholes” only six months into their debut as a band, a mean feat in itself. The band calls themselves a “special project” that may be wrapping up their act soon, so this may be your last chance to experience their unique chemistry in person.

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Certainly, it’s a show that is well worth watching; a bunch of young go-getters who have been fed on a diet of some of the best and most creative music that Taiwan has to offer, what more could you want?

With it being their first time in Singapore, show them some love and come support these passionate and dedicated musicians, won’t you? Definitely an event that you won’t want to miss out on.

Gigantic Roar will be performing at Switch! By Timbre in Singapore on the 14th of December at 7pm to 8.30pm. Entrance is free and they will be flanked by guest performers Felix Felicis.