Fake Plastic Surgery

Remember that meme floating around the internet about that Korean plastic surgery ad featuring a beautiful couple and their than attractive kids?

Keeping up with the news, you may also have heard the untruthful back stories that followed about the husband divorcing his wife after finding out that she’d had plastic surgery after the birth of their first child.

Well, the truth is out in the open now, as the Taiwanese model who was portrayed as the wife in the plastic surgery ad-turned-meme is now suing the ad agency and cosmetic clinic over the widespread use of the image.

Heidi Yeh

Heidi Yeh, a Taiwanese model was doing well in her modelling career until she accepted the small job modelling for a Korean cosmetic surgery clinic’s advertisement where she was depicted with a handsome husband and three kids whose appearances were-let’s just say the opposite of beautiful.

Although she was told that the ad was only to be used in print media and for one company, the advances in technology work much faster than any contract can control.

Yeh’s life was turned upside down when the ad went viral and started circulating the internet virally. Even close friends and family began suspecting that her looks were falsely acquired, leading to Yeh breaking down often, and left many times in tears.

In her interview with the BBC she said: “When a friend told me about this I thought it was just rumors. Then I realized the whole world was spreading the story and in different languages,” she said. “People actually believed it and thought this had happened to me. Even my relatives and fiance’s family have asked me about it.”

The brave lady used her interview with the BBC as a way to face the problems this ad has brought her head-on. She says: “I decided to speak out because I wanted to give myself some courage to deal with this problem,” she said. “People refuse to believe that I have never had plastic surgery. After this, I only got small roles in advertisements.”

Although the internet can be used for reasons that are unsavoury, what we can do now is to share the true story of Heidi Yeh, and to help her get her life back on track. So just like, comment, and share to see the instant and powerful effects of technology and social media.

Watch the BBC interview here: