Deemed the “Teresa Tang of the rap world”, Miss Ko has announced through a Facebook video that she will be joining Universal Music Taiwan.

Unlike the usual announcement notice, to display Miss Ko’s distinct personality and style, a short video was release to reveal her move to join Universal Music. Not only was the video directed by Golden Melody Award director, Li Bo-En, the singer-songwriter proved her skills to improvise, and produced the track overnight.

Last year, Miss Ko initially decided to return to New York to stay with her family, but was approached by Universal Music to pursue her career. Originally wanting to give up on music, she decides to give it her all and is determined to work with Universal Music after discovering her mother is willing to give her full support and hoping that she would not give up on her career and her love for music.

Her former music company, KAO!INC, not only reposted the video but sent through their best wishes. KAO!INC’s director stated that he will never forget the days where they fought together to pursue their dreams, the moment they won the Golden Melody Award, and the music they have created.