Showcasing Taiwan’s vibrant and multicultural music scene to New Yorkers, Taiwanese Waves will be held once again at New York’s legendary SummerStage venue on the 29th of July.

After last year’s showcase drew the biggest crowd recorded in SummerStage’s 30-year history, Taiwanese Waves has returned with another round of promising acts, namely award-winning Taiwanese artists Sangpuy, FireEX, Berry J and Dadado Huang.

Concert organizer Mia Min Yen shared that this years’ showcase is focused on showcasing Taiwan’s diverse set of cultures.

“Both New York and Taiwan are made up of many diverse cultures. This year we are bringing three sets representing three styles and three languages, Mandarin, Taiwanese and Puyuma.”

Performing this year are Sangpuy, the winner of Taiwan’s 24th Golden Melody Awards in Indigenous Music, indie folk legends Berry J and Dadado Huang and FireEX, the band behind runaway hit ‘Island’s Sunrise’.

Showcase organiser Mia Min Yen shared her motivation behind organising this performance, revealing her passion for crossing cultural barriers and encouraging diversity:

“I am proud of the music from my hometown, it is the roots of how I got into the music scene; that is why I want to share it with the whole world. Good music crosses (cultural) boundaries. It is just a matter of when and where you get to exposed to that music.” Thus, I would like to create this platform/an opportunity for people in the west to hear, to see, to have a taste of what music in the east sounds like.”

Indeed, given the success of last years’ showcase, this years’ Taiwanese Waves showcase is sure to surprise audiences, providing them with even greater insight into Taiwan’s music scene.

This event is hosted by Taiwanese Waves, Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bureau of Tourism, Fubon Cultural and Educational Foundation, Teresa Teng Foundation, McSam Hotel Group, China Airlines, On-Line Entertainment and multiple local businesses in New York.

Taiwanese Waves will be held at SummerStage in New York (Rumsey Playfield, Central Park (East 69th St, New York) at 6PM on the 29th of July. Entrance is free.