The experimental Taiwanese electronic act Meuko! Meuko! will be performing live with audio visuals at Melbourne venue Boney.

Having collaborated with Goodbye Nao member since 2007 playing live experimental shows, Meuko! Meuko! started performing solo in 2015. Drawing further on her experimental roots, the electronic producer and singer began collaborating with Taipei based visual and installation group ‘Naxs corp’ in 2017.

Since hosting a guest show on NTS Radio in early 2017, she has gone on to regularly host shows, as well as becoming the first person to play a monthly NTS Radio show in Taipei.

Following this success, she released her debut EP “鬼島 Ghost Island ” (Danse Noire), earlier this year.

Heavily inspired by the cityscape of Taiwan, “Ghost Island” incorporates a wide range of electronic sounds to depict the cities’ architecture, muggy, emissions-filled air and hectic streetscapes, whilst Mandarin Chinese and Japanese form the basis of her inspiration for her intricate beats and whispering lyrics. The sound is brash, reflective and energetic.

For more details, head to the Facebook event page.