South Australia, your time has come! Famous in Melbourne and Sydney, GOTCHA Fresh Tea are now open in Adelaide!

Combining traditional Asian teas and flavours with a creative and modern twist, GOTCHA provides a quali-tea difference that makes their drinks oh-so slurp-able and insta-worthy!

Each tea is made-to-order, using the freshest ingredients and no artificial syrups or flavours. Brewed from real tea leaves, GOTCHA tea is farmed and picked from their very own tea plantation in Mount Ali, Taiwan. This ensures they source the highest quality and purest ingredients for each hand brewed drink.

Of course, a hallmark for excellent bubble tea is the quality of the chewy boba pearls; GOTCHA take pride in preparing their signature boba by using high quality tapioca and no additives or colouring.

“While 2020 was a challenging year for all, we are so thankful for our loyal customers who have supported us and now we take delight in opening our very first store in Adelaide and sharing Gotcha Fresh Tea with South Australians,” says Roger Fu, Founder of GOTCHA Fresh Tea.

Look at their menu as you visit one of their 19 nation-wide locations! Perhaps you might like to try their strawberry macchiato cheesecake frappe, or maybe you would prefer to refresh in the late summer sun with a zinging fruit tea like the kumquat lemon, golden passionfruit, or mango jasmine flavours! GOTCHA also offer favourites like their Collagen Collection, a range of deliciously sweet black sugar milk teas, and their brand new Japanese-style Yogumuji series.

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