K-Pop group Infinite’s small concert series ‘That Year’s Summer 3’ gained success in Busan as well after the Seoul performances.

From 3rd of August to the 7th, Infinite held 5 consecutive concerts in Seoul Blue Square Samsung Card Hall, and the success continued into concerts held in Busan KBS Hall on 13th and 14th. The small concert series ‘That Year’s Summer’ are held to enable more closer communication with Infinite’s fans. With Infinite’s firm music as foundation stone, the concerts demonstrate various concepts and sides of the group.

‘That Year’s Summer’ concerts have been leading the trend of small concert series since 2012. Such concept has been highly valued by the fans, with all tickets being sold out for every concert. This summer was no exception and had the tickets sold out just 3 minutes after ticketing has opened.


Stage filled with all-band and all-live music with unique charm to hush the audience

The concert hall for ‘That Year’s Summer 3’ was even hotter than the summer weather with fans excitedly cheering for Infinite’s firm live performance and stage manner built throughout their career of nearly 100 performances. Along with Infinite’s characteristic dance performances, the group also demonstrated their unique charms through ballad and acoustic songs as well as individual performances with 7 different colours.

Special stage production was installed to enhance audience concentration this concert. Kinetic LED lights have been used to represent starry night sky, turning the concert hall into dreamy stage. With the rhythmic shining of the lights, the fans cheering filled up the hall with excitement.

Infinite communicated with the fans closely every stage, with their most comfortable and natural selves. As previous announcements mentioned the concerts included performances only available at ‘That Year’s Summer’ series – dance stages with quality performance, music by band sessions to enhance emotions and affections as well as hit songs remade into acoustic style. With such variety of performances the fans were able to enjoy Infinite’s music itself more.

At this concert Infinite sang 23 songs all together – ‘That Year’s Summer’, ‘Memories’ and ‘Between Me & You’ shared sensitive emotions whilst songs like ‘Man In Love’, ‘Entrust’, ‘Be Mine’, ‘Paradise’, ‘Back’ and ‘Bad’ presented dynamic stages to heat up the concert.


7 Members With 7 Unique Colour – Cover songs + self-produced songs + solo stages

Apart from group performances, Infinite members showed off their personal colours through solo stages. Various cover songs were performed by each member in addition to their solo singles, inviting the audience to enjoy special summer vacation with them.

Firstly L sang Lee Moon Sae’s ‘A Little Girl’ with sweet sensitivity and the stage was decorated with pictures taken himself to enhance the atmosphere. Sungjong covered and danced to Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’, showing off his attractive charms.

Woohyun performed ‘Stand by me’ from his first solo mini album with sorrowful emotion and Hoya recreated Jay Park’s ‘The Truth Is’ with his own style of smooth but strong performance. The leader Sungkyu sang ‘Alive’ from his solo album whilst playing the piano himself in the following stage. Woohyun and Sungkyu’s performances were never shown live on any of other concerts or stages, increasing the fans’ satisfaction and excitement.

Dongwoo performed his unofficial self-produced song ‘Asking the Mind’ and rapped with deep emotion for the first time. Lastly Sungyeol came on stage dressed up as girl with different styles each day, perfectly performing Produce 10 ‘s ‘Pick Me’ to entertain the fans.

Originally planned as 2 hours long concert, Infinite managed to reach 2 hours 30 minutes for all 7 concerts this time.


Finally as a complete group, Infinite is back! A surprise comeback announcement with new song performance!

Since the release of 5th mini album in July last year, Infinite is looking at their comeback as a complete group after a year’s gap. With the concert as a beginning, they released a trailer announcing their comeback in September. The fans are cheering with excitement especially as Infinite performed a song ‘One Day’ from the new album to assure their comeback.

After their Seoul and Busan concerts Infinite announced “we were very happy to have communicated with so many people again through this year’s concert, and we want to thank everyone who came. Please look out for our new album and continue to support us as we promise to show good performances as a complete group.”

With the 5 performances at Seoul Blue Square Samsungcard Hall from 3rd of August to the 7th and 2 concerts at Busan KBS Hall on the 13th and 14th finishing with high success, their small concert series ‘That Year’s Summer 3’ will continue in Japan.