Toronto KPOP Con Is Everything a Kpop Fan Could Possibly Want!


Toronto gets a taste of K-Pop as internationally popular artists head over to Canada to perform in TORONTO KPOP CON 2016! From Friday May 20th to Sunday May 22nd, with groups like VIXX, GOT7, GFRIEND & DAY6 will be attending TORONTO KPOP CON at Metro Toronto Convention Centre (North Building).

This convention al features a variety of YouTubers who have made their mark in the K-Pop world! There will be concerts, conventions, panels and fan-meets to allow everyone to celebrate Korean music together! There will even be vendors such SHU UEMURA, THE FACESHOP CANADA, KOREA TOURISM ORG. and over 50 more!

Toronto KPOP Con Guests:








Terry He (YouTuber)
StillNotDavid (YouTuber)
2KSQUAD (Dance Crew)
And tons more!

Toronto Kpop Con
Date: Friday 20th May – Sunday 22nd May, 2016
Venue: Metro Toronto Convention Centre (North Building)
Fri: May 20  VIXX  7:00 pm – Tickets on sale now! VIXX Tickets $CAD180 – $CAD340
Sat: May 21  GOT7 (1st show) 8:30 pm – SOLD OUT! GOT7 Tickets  $CAD180 – $CAD300
Sat: May 21  GFRIEND 4:00 pm – Tickets on sale now! GFRIEND Tickets $CAD77 – $CAD168
Sun: May 22  DAY6 4:00 pm – Tickets on sale now! DAY6 Tickets $CAD150 – $CAD260
Sun: May 22 GOT7 (2nd show) 8:30 pm – Tickets on sale now! GOT7 Tickets $CAD180 – $CAD300

Convention-only day pass: $CAD40
Convertion-only weekend pass: $CAD66
For more information check out TORONTO KPOP CON