Korea’s surf-inspired indie rock/pop quartet Say Sue Me are set to release a special Christmas themed EP on the 7th December.

Here’s what the band had to say about the album, “We had always thought that we wanted to make a Christmas record. The idea has been decided since around 2014 when we finished making our first album. Christmas in Korea differs in that it is not necessarily a tradition per se, but does not seem to be very different from other countries. The street is full of people with rosy faces and people gather to spend time with everyone they love.”

We got the chance to listen to Say Sue Me’s newest Christmas album “Christmas, It’s Not A Biggie” early. Here’s a little track by track breakdown!

“Christmas, It’s Not A Biggie”

A carol song in surf and rockabilly style of the 50s ~ 60s. The upbeat tune is paired with surprisingly mellow lyrics such as “nothing happened this year”. The song expresses that Christmas is not a biggie, but for some reason, we can all be better people during that time.

“Too Expensive Christmas Tree”

An up-tempo swing instrumental piece with a typical carol song’s harmonics A cynical outlook on people that purchase expensive Christmas trees, that they just want to show off and throw extravagant parties.

“Out of Bed”

It’s a waltz style Christmas song that feels calming and cosy. The song continues the cynical theme of this album mentioning the struggles of getting out of bed on a cold winter morning just to spend it with friends and family for no reason.

“After This Winter”

A stripped back mellow track talking about the struggles of the cold winter. The song talks about how somehow winters feel like they get colder every year, and the people who reunite after a long time after winter have changed a little.