US late night television host Conan O’Brien arrived at Incheon Airport in South Korea to a big welcome from the hundreds of his fans waiting for his arrival.

Conan O’Brien is in Korea after receiving a letter and snack package from Korean fan Sunny Lee. She wrote Conan a letter informing him she watches clips of his talk show on YouTube instead of studying for her final exams. The letter was written on the final exams test sheet. Sunny Lee also sent a large box of Korean snacks which Conan told him audience was promptly eaten by his assistant!

Conan arrived in Korea yesterday and was greeted at the airport by Sunny Lee and hundreds of adoring fans. The look on Conan’s face as he sees the mass of fans waiting is priceless

Its rumoured that Conan O’Brien will be filming a segment with K-Pop girl group Wonder Girls. Conan’s visit will air as part of a special upon his return to the U.S.