Looks like the kings of dark concept are back at it again with VIXX dropping teasers for their upcoming 6th single “Hades”.

The group’s management company, Jellyfish Entertainment, has unveiled various teaser images ranging from concept photos, comeback schedules, the album tracklist, as well as the fan favourite, individual and group teaser photos.




Based on the Gods of the underworld in Greek mythology, “Hades” will be the second part of their “Conception” trilogy, following their 5th single “Zelos” released April this year.

A surprise music spoiler was also dropped yesterday (August 7th) as fans weren’t expecting any release based on the schedule previously revealed. The ‘FANTASY’ music spoiler for “HADES” shows member Leo playing Beethoven‘s “Moonlight Sonata”.

Let’s not forget the visually pleasing but scarily mysterious concept film that shows the boys looking around for something whilst creepy music plays in the background.

VIXX‘s 6th single “Hades” is due to release on August 12th at midnight KST

Starlights, are you ready to be blown away?