Voice of China contestant Leon Lee, who was known for his healing voice and outstanding performance on the reality singing show has recently released his own self-composed album Two Leons.

Within this album, Leon wrote the songs himself and used his music to tell his own story,  with the help of famed producer Michael Lin who has previously worked closely with Mandopop superstars such as Jay Chou.

With Leon in charge of telling the story of the ‘old’ Leon, and Michael in charge of creating a new image for the ‘new’ Leon, this is an album of ten songs that tells two different stories but with a similar feeling to it.

The album includes ballads such as “Deep White Love”, which is a song tailored especially to Lee’s healing vocals, and has lyrics written by Lee himself. Using his own love experience as inspiration, he shares his painful story with us.

But this album isn’t all sad love songs, the ‘new’ side of Leon wishes to look forward to even more love and happiness in his life, and presents this through tracks such as “Give Me Love” and “Cloud 9”.

Two Leons is one album which anyone will be able to engage with; although Leon is telling his own story, his experiences are sure to resonate well with yours, creating a moving and emotional listening experience!

Two Leons is currently available on Chinese streaming service QQ Music.