Soompi Awards

Soompi, the world’s largest and longest ­running English online media on Korean pop culture, has launched its 11th Annual Soompi Awards. The Awards, divided into both a music and a television section, are one of the largest fan­ voted events for international fans to weigh in on the most successful releases to come out of Korea in 2015.

Beginning in 2004, Soompi launched its own end of year awards event with nominees taken from the top songs and artists on their chart.

In 2015 international fans of Korean media will weigh in on 15 categories each for Korean music and Korean television. Korean music categories include:

Best Male Solo
Best Female Solo
Best Male Group
Best Female Group
Best Hip ­Hop Artist
Best Collaboration
Rookie of the Year
Song of the Year
Album of the Year
Artist of the Year.

The 15th category is the fan ­favorite, social ­only Best Fandom Award.

The K­drama category was created using viewership data in Korea as well as from popularity of dramas in Soompi’s forums. The categories for the television category are:

Actor of the Year
Actress of the Year
Breakout Actor
Idol Actor of the Year
Best Variety Star
Best Cameo
Best Transformation
Second Lead Syndrome
Best Couple
Best Bromance
Best Kiss
Best Variety Show
Drama of the Year
Best OST

This year’s special MCs for the event are the Hunus Entertainment group Topp Dogg.

Fans can cast their vote until January 7, 2016 and winners will be announced in February.

For voting information check out Soompi’s 11th Annual Soompi Awards website.