Singer-songwriter Waa Wei has made her long-awaited return with her latest album “Run! Frantic Flowers”, once again reprising the role of indie chanteuse she plays so well.

Released on the 11th of November, this album is about escapism, as depicted by the metaphor of flowers frantically dispersing into the air, landing wherever the wind takes them.


What Wei wanted to discuss within this album was no whimsical Hollywood ‘finding yourself’ journey, but about bravely making decisions for yourself that set you apart from the rest.

A critically acclaimed singer-songwriter who has been nominated countless times at the Golden Melody Awards, her first single “You oh You你啊你啊” has already caught the eye of many, with its folksy, soothing melody and jumble of nonsensical words.

Really looking forward to what the rest of her album holds for us this time!

Listen to “You oh you”