Eight piece Japanese band WagakkiBand, who wowed SXSW with their mesmerising performance at the LiveNation showcase, returns to the US this July with three shows in California as part of their Deep Impact 1st US Tour.

WagakkiBand fuse Shigin, poetry recitation rooted in Japanese traditional performing arts, Wagakkitraditional Japanese musical instruments, and rock music to bring a fresh and yet authentically Japanese live show. Their YouTube smash hit, Senbonzakura has over 40 million views and counting and their latest single, “Hangeki no Yaiba” is the theme song for the dTV original series of mega multimedia hit, “Attack on Titan.”

WagakkiBand Deep Impact 1st US Tour announcement also comes on the heels of their April/May sold out tour of Japan.

Tickets are currently On Sale now for the following dates and locations:

July 12th : Los Angeles – Club Bahia
July 14th : San Diego – House of Blues
July 16th : San Francisco – The Fillmore

For ticketing information see LiveNation WagakkiBand Tour link.

WagakkiBand US Tour