At the 27th Golden Melody Awards this year, there were smiles all around for all winners, but also a few emotional tears. Check out who won what, and what they all had to say in their acceptance speeches! Congratulations to all who won this year, you are all so deserving, and I hope will continue to help the Taiwanese music industry grow even further in the future. Check out what they all had to say below:

Best Instrumental Composer: Huang Yu-Xiang


Winner’s Speech: Actually just now I forget to mention a few people. Of course my boss, he is my big engineer who helped me to release this album. Of course I’d like to thank HIM international for publishing this album for me, and giving everyone the chance to know about it. I hope that in the future everyone can continue to support my music.

Best Lyricist: Wu Qing Feng for ‘He Raised His Hand to Make a Roll Call’


Qing Feng’s (paraphrased) acceptance speech: Qing Feng expressed that he was very happy to be able to receive this award, but especially was thankful towards his close friends and family for always being understanding and indulgent of him. He also thanked each of his band members, saying “You all are my life”.

Ken Hirai (Performer)


Ken on performing at the Golden Melody Awards: The (last) time that I spent (in Taiwan) was 14 years-14 years go-this was long time since I was here the last time so I’m very happy to be here. So happy and taiwan kind of people are very nice and very friendly, very tender so Im happy now, right now… I’d love to have a concert here. It’s been 14 years, and the staff in taiwan said: ‘Everybody thinks you don’t like taiwan so you didn’t come here for 14 years’-no no no no no-I do love taiwan and I’d love to have a concert.

Best Taiwanese Female Singer: Huang Fei


Huang Fei’s acceptance speech: Thank you everyone…Just now I forgot to thank my hair, fashion and makeup stylists for making me look so nice, and I’m very happy, Thank you. Water music’s boss , thank you for being willing to fight with me. Being able to take a a golden melody award I really have to thank you… Also the cover was picked by him, it’s really commanding, very happy. I still have to thank my parents, I told my mother I am going to Taipei for a singing competition, and if I win you will have to treat me! And I still have to thank my management company, and my fans… This award really belongs to you guys.

Best Taiwanese Male Singer & Best album producer: Jacky Chen


Jacky Chen’s acceptance speech for Best Male Taiwanese Singer: Thank you to a lot of friends, and I have my own wishes for Taiwanese music, I hope that Taiwanese music can be more entertaining and more funding will go towards this area. Hope that Taiwanese music can include more of Taiwan’s culture. Hope that Taiwanese music can also be like Korean music, going overseas and becoming Taiwan’s unique music genre. On stage I shared some good news with everyone; that in December this year, I hope to become a father. Thank you everyone.

Best Taiwanese language Male and Female Singer: Jacky Chen & Huang Fei


Best Single Producer & Best Instrumental Recording Album Award: George Chen


George Chen, producer of best instrumental recording album “The Arti: The adventure begins” accepts the award on behalf of all who were involved in the production process.

George’s acceptance speech:Producer is putting the right people together at the right time so I thank Julia Peng for her beautiful interpretation, and for trying a new way of singing with me. I’d also like to thank Ricky Hsiao for his pretty melody and Chen Huang Yu for his very moving lyrics, and mixing engineer Ying Zhen Zheng. And on the stage I forgot to say thank you to my family, so…thanks to my family [laughs].

Best Vocal Collaboration: Chang and Lee


Chang and Lee’s acceptance speech: Actually we are really honoured to be able to be nominated alongside these talented artists, hope that we can continue in this way and taiwan music jia you. I’d like to thank all the elders and teachers who helped us, there are too many because there are four of us! Our teachers gave us a lot of inspiration and kickstarted our musical journey. We are very grateful for this. Thank you for our teachers and family and friends-actually because we are an independent band, producing this album was quite hard and we ran into a lot of problems and we had a lot of conflict and stress. So we are very happy – we heard that there is prize money – then I can go to the upstairs Family Mart and pay them back! Lastly I would like to thank my group members; even making music under such tough conditions, they were still able to make me so fat. Thank you!

Best Recording Package: Weiming Lin


Weiming’s acceptance speech: We can step by step change our environment, and I think this is something that needs to be looked back on. I think winning this award today is testimony to this fact. I am very happy to be able to receive this award, thank you.

Best Aboriginal-Language Album: Wu Hao En


Hao En’s acceptance speech: Actually at the moment I’ve been very poor, my guitar has even broken, I would like to thank Yamaha for providing me with guitars to record with. I think there’s a lot of people who I have to thank, I would also like to thank the tribes whose songs I sang for not complaining against me, this makes me very happy that I can be their music’s outlet and sing their music and introduce it to people who aren’t familiar with Taiwan’s music.

Best Newcomer Award: Eli Hsieh


Eli’s acceptance speech: Very thankful to Golden Melodies for giving me this affirmation, all the other nominees were also very nominated. I myself think being able to be nominated with them was good enough; although taking this award and saying this might not be appropriate but I have always thought that attending the Golden Melodies was not about winning something, but about being involved. I fought, and win. Thank you to the Golden Melody Awards for giving me this award, I think this award is for all newcomers as they all like me worked very hard and were independent, using sparse resources to create their music and chase their dreams. Thank you Golden Melody Awards.

Best Aboriginal Vocalist: Balai


Best Hakka Vocalist: Wing Luo


Wing’s acceptance speech: Actually the first thing I said when I got on the stage was that I am a 17-year long newcomer, from offstage to onstage. I think its not easy, but for me going from Chinese music to Hakka music-although it is less popular a market, my aim is to communicate culture, and show the interesting and fun side of Hakka culture, which is how this album came about. I think winning this award is a new milestone for me, but I also hope that it will be the start of a new wave for Hakka music, throwing away the old style but yet incorporating our culture into it still. I think we can continue to move forward, thank you everyone.

Ado’Kalitaing Pacidal receiving Best Song of the Year award on behalf of Suming Rupi


Ado’Kalitaing Pacidal’s speech on behalf of Suming: Because this is Taiwan’s first time where an Aboriginal song won best song of the year, I think this is a different beginning for Taiwan. I also hope that it is an important element that reflects lot of the things which are happening in Taiwan at the moment. Just like the lyrics say-Ameizhu elders always say no matter if you meet with good or bad it is all memories, and don’t give up, there is always a road with light, and even behind the darkness there is always light. Suming is attending a big music festival so isn’t able to attend but he is very honoured and knows that there are many big competitors this year. But I think he really hopes that it can be a big milestone for his singing career.

Best Hakka-language Album: Zixuan


Best Instrumental Album: Shawna Yang


Shawna’s’s acceptance speech: Actually most importantly I am very thankful to all the musicians who completed this album with me; Lin Wei Sheng, Xie Jiu Tsai and Lou Rainone; these musicians are from New York and I flew over to play with them. Actually very thankful to Lin Wishing for bringing this band over to Taiwan countless times and allowing me to collaborate and learn from them. through the recording process I learned a lot. Of course I would like to thank all my friends in New York who helped me like Ke Li Si who came with me, Teacher Jeff who gave me a lot of support and my friend Xiao Guo who let me stay at her place while in New York which decreased overhead costs. Of course I would like to thank Lou Rainone for helping me arrange recordings studios and everything. At that time I met a pianist from Taiwan who now performs in Shanghai Carol who very kindly helped us to take photos. After coming back I was very thankful to Xiao Gui, A-liang, RJ, Elly for their suggestions in mixing and thank you to Yiling for recommending Elly which helped me to finish the entire album. Of course I would like to thank those who helped me record this album and the mixing engineer, my family and also my fans; although Jazz isn’t popular in Taiwan you still like my music; I think this is the most meaningful part of releasing this album. Thank you everyone.

Best Album Producer, Best Arranger: Will Lin


Will’s acceptance speech for Best Album Producer: These 10 years I have been focused on doing one thing which is Sodagreen. I have many friends who think ‘why don’t you have any thing else to do other artists to sign?’. But I think it’s kind of like a marriage, you can’t willy-nilly be having new girlfriends. I think on music we have more moving things and from last year after “winter endless” finished my life changed dramatically. I can tell you a bit about my personal plans. I took 6 years starting from Taitung to London to Beijing to Berlin to finish “Winter Endless” this album. To produce this album requires a lot of music foundation. And when this album ended I met my wife in Taitung. In Taitung a strange thing is I had to go to an eye doctor and my wife is an eye doctor, so after that we were together and she followed me all the way to Berlin with my daughter in her belly…I think my life has changed a lot, previously I was scared of marriage scared of having children and now I have everything and am very moved. So this is not just a days’ work, it is a lifetime job.

Best Female Mandarin Artist: Julia Peng


Julia’s acceptance speech: Actually I really didn’t think it would be me today. Everyone always said wait 20 years it will be but I always thought everyone was just trying to comfort me. But now my dream has come true but when I walked over I bit myself, it’s true. I really hope everyone can pursue their dreams. If I had given up this dream 7 years ago, I don’t think everyone would be able to see Julia Peng receive this Best Mandarin Female Vocalist award at the 27th Golden Melody Awards. I am a singer but also a mother, so I hope that my persistence can provide my children with a good model. There is no free lunch in this world, all your successes, your opportunities are waiting for you to create them. I would like to thank all the media for their support these years; there have been criticisms and teachings, but I have taken them all in as nutrition. Without all of this there wouldn’t be this ‘Darling Girl’ standing here today. Thank you everyone.

Best Male Vocalist & Best Composer: JJ Lin


JJ’s ‘Best Composer’ speech: Thank you to all my music friends , thank you to those who didn’t think highly of me or didn’t like me , but I think this gave me the motivation to create more, and this affirmation caused me to even more strongly try to create my life.

JJ’s ‘Best Male Mandarin Artist’ speech: I am really excited. Although  said I would try and pretend everything was normal when I was walking onto the stage my emotions were anything but normal.Very happy to be able to get this affirmation. I think this album is all my work-I am very emotional right now. I’d like to thank all my colleagues who fought with me, very happy for their accompaniment and let’s continue working together.

Best Male and Female Mandarin Vocalists: JJ Lin & Julia Peng


Best Band, Best Mandarin Album & Best Arrangement: Sodagreen


Sodagreen’s acceptance speech for Best band: [Claire Hsieh] A-gong is very nervous, he prepared a speech but he flipped to the wrong page (laughs). [A gong] Because I joined Sodagreen at an interesting time, from the initial awkwardness in positioning, my interest in classical music has still until today caused some internal conflict. But I am very lucky to be able to as a popular musician write classical arrangements, this is not something that everyone can do, so I thank everyone for their participation in this ‘Winter Endless’ album. [Will Lin, Producer] I said my job is very simple, as long as I speak up and put all the talented people together then things will naturally happen from there. Thanks everyone. [Wu Qing Feng] We just wanted to hear you say it again.

Sodagreen’s acceptance speech for Best Album: In doing this album 2 years ago we started production on this album and there have been many exciting and surprising things that have happened. This also includes going to Germany to work with the Berlin Orchestra, not just recording with them but also performing in a live concert. This experience is once in a lifetime, very valuable. Being able to get affirmation from this award, we can know that all our stubbornness and fighting spirit was not wrong. Hope we can keep persisting all the way, thank you. [Claire Hsieh] Just now the Berlin Orchestra conductor said that when he participated in this ‘Winter Endless’ album, and he felt that our work will transcend time just like the title said. He also just said something important to me; he said it is an important night to him and that he really didn’t think that our experiences from two years ago could accumulate in this award, and felt very happy.