South Korean singer, songwriter, and producer, Wonho, has released his highly anticipated 3rd Mini Album, FACADE.

FACADE expresses varied emotions similar to how one would feel at a carnival; the feeling of unbridled joy and excitement, experiencing the ups and downs of a rollercoaster ride, briefly forgetting about the reality while on a merry-go-round, witnessing a newfound world during a parade – all of these diverse emotions are conveyed throughout this latest release.

Wonho elaborates; “One gets to experience an array of emotions at a carnival. And I tried to portray them through FACADE. Just as you feel like you’re in a different world when at a carnival, wouldn’t it be nice to be trapped in that moment if you could continue to feel the countless emotions you get when we’re together?”

Lead track ‘CRAZY’ is the centrepiece of the album. This funky dance track features various musical arrangements that make this song explode with energy. The music video for the single features Wonho diving deep into the world of dancing.

Listen to FACADE on Spotify, below: