Singer-Songwriter-Producer Wonho, is set to continue his upward trajectory as a global artist with the release of his highly anticipated 2nd mini album, Blue Letter.

The new album, which compares isolation from the world during the pandemic to the blue ocean, is a sincere letter from Wonho showcasing his genuine, innermost thoughts and raw emotions.

Blue Letter is exploration of Wonho’s range of artistry, demonstrating his songwriting and producing skills throughout each of the seven tracks.

The album emphasises the value of your imagination, and attempts to help resolve the sense of loss felt throughout the last two years; Blue Letter weaves various episodes into one big plot under the theme of youth and consolation.

‘Blue’ – the title track from the mini album – is an upbeat pop song, providing a hopeful message; empathising with fans who have endured isolation throughout the pandemic, the song provides an injection of unbridled joy.

The music video was made with the intention to reassure fans and listeners alike that even the most dull days in life can be turned into the brightest moments.

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