In celebration of Xbox’s new game production ‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’, Xbox Hong Kong held a big celebratory event on the 10th of November 2015. Hong Kong celebrity Coffee Lam was invited to the venue, dressed as the Hong Kong version of Lola.


Coffee got to do various styles of stunts, to show the soft movements for the press at the venue. Coffee then later personally got to test out the new game, doing all types of body movements in order to pass the levels of the game, Coffee says her potentials could likely be the realistic version of Lola, making herself as the new generation’s girl fighter.


Having the qualifications of a professional yoga instructor, Coffee came out to greet the audience dressed up in Lola’s style, she felt she had confident with her body’s flexibility to challenge herself with the difficult movements and stunts Lola used in the game. Coffee firstly picked up the best position for her body and feet, then later armed herself with the bow and arrow and in the position she leads the arrow. A great show that showed her body’s flexibility got the gamer’s and the public’s enthusiastic applause, Coffee later then kept playing the game, proving she is a girl that can ‘fight well yet look well’.


Coffee spoke up saying “Although I have practiced in yoga, training myself till my body uses flexibility, but I know for a fact that being a girl fighter, one like Lola is not easy as it seems, therefore I did a lot of research on referencing a lot of classic actions and movements that Lola did to get the best vibe of the demonstration.


To fit in with the freezing cold scenery in Siberia for ‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’, the people behind the organisation of the venue prepared lots of huge animal sculptures, inviting many people at the venue to come and try to pass the levels to win prizes, to help them, Coffee personally did some demonstrations. Seeing how she put the bow as it bent, putting her body in a slight bent position, she does another higher flexible movement, the audience at the venue again cheered happily for her, this active participation in the ice-breaking game now brings the event’s atmosphere to another level.



Transcribed by Heidi Lam