After making his long-awaited return from his stint at Taiwan’s national service, Yoga Lin is doing it big by launching straight into a world tour entitled “The Great Yoga”.

The first stop will be Kaohsiung on the 11th of June, with the rest of the tour dates yet to be released.

Having been privy to Yoga’s electrifying stage persona firsthand, it is no surprise that this time, Lin has a show even more interesting and creative prepared than the last.

This is the first concert that has ever used Yoga’s English name in the title, representing a fresh start for him, and the debut of some more of his self-penned songs that will be on his upcoming album.

Lin, known for his unpredictable musical style and his ability to allow his voice to transfer emotions of detachedness at times and indescribable warmth at others suits the name Yoga perfectly, don’t you think?

During the past year, Lin has been exploring more and more into creating his own music.

Thus, the special thing about “The Great Yoga” concert is that it allows others to freely interact with Lin’s music and use their own methods to really get to know Yoga.

In other words, it is a concert in which Yoga invites you into his creative space to make music and share in creativity together.

Now, Yoga believes that he knows better than ever what role he would like to play, and is also confident that others will be able to hear and understand his experiences on his path of discovery from his music.

Not only will he be performing classic hits such as “Lies” or “Senses Around”, he will also be performing new songs that he hopes will move fans in new ways.

Another spoiler for you guys: Lin has also announced he will be releasing his new album before the debut of his world tour, so watch this space!