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Alongside a huge crowd at our favourite 2019 KCON station, the #KCONFOODIE Stage, we waited to for ATEEZ.

More specifically, after seeing AB6IX earlier that morning, we were waiting to see if ATEEZ would be as excited to make food and eat. We were not disappointed. ATEEZ has had an amazing year attracting everyone’s attention not only with their music, but with their amazing choreography, stage presence and frank charm. On this stage, it was about food though and they were there to make a Korean staple, Kimbap.

The guys couldn’t be more excited as they started putting everything together and tasting all the ingredients after donning their aprons and gloves. Mingi would charm the fans on the side with his aegyo, while Hongjoong could be seen attempting to eat even the flowers. But on this stage, San was the star. From kimbap fed by Mingi, to bacon and later to bread (left over from the AB6IX sandwich session), he couldn’t get enough. He even ate around to bread to create a heart for ATINYs in the crowd and can be seen in the group shot with the signed apron still eating bread! The group would later move onto to greet lucky fans at the Star Square.

What a day for ATEEZ at KCON 2019!

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