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At KCON LA, one can never really know when there will be a special guest visit appearance or fan meet opportunity. This year one of KCON’s vendors CE& hosted an opportunity for fans to have a chance to meet MAMAMOO. Though Wheein couldn’t make KCON, Solar, Moonbyul, and Hwasa were there to take a moment to meet their lucky fans. The crowd around the booth was electric with the mass of fans waiting for their appearance lining up the walkway and around the booth.

MAMAMOO’s reactions were all that their fans could want. Engaging warmly with the lucky fans with hugs and photos, they showed their excitement to be at KCON with their west coast and visiting fans. Looking effortlessly gorgeous in the casual gear, they were incredibly gracious during their pop-up visit.

That evening they would be the queens that would wow fans with their powerful vocals, but in this moment they were the girls next door gushing over shirts, smiling and laughing with Moonbyul adjusting her glasses, and Hwasa chatting with fans. These pop up moments make KCON special and one can only hope that next time that lucky fan is you.

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