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You had to be there early on the Sunday of KCON LA to get a look at the guys of N.Flying at the #KCONFOODIE station. In front of a packed audience, the four member band was there to make dosirak (Korean lunch-boxes). Though the members verbally revealed who was the best cook in the band, Hwe Seung’s comfort with food was clearly visible while making kimbap with the limited ingredients provided for his lunchbox. Sadly there were no knives so that he could cut it and show off his skills to perfection.

Hun and Jae Hyun momentarily showed a serious, focused side when working with the food; a side different than seen on their “2Idiots” Youtube channel. Seung Hyub admitted in his heart-melting voice that he wasn’t the cook in the band, but gave everyone much love while squashing rice into the lunchbox.

From all the adorable hearts thrown and the camaraderie between the members, NFias were fed on love and charm, as they weren’t allowed to partake of the actual food).

From the lightning fast round of gawi bawi bo (rock paper scissors), Hwe Seung’s apron was the winner to be autographed and then given later to a lucky fan. After signing, Hwe Seung running around with the flying apron as a cape with Hun trying to stop him was the sessions last hilarious hurrah before the final photo moment. N.Flying’s charm was irresistible and we hope to see them cooking for real soon again!

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