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The Star Live Talk x ET Live Stage at KCON LA 2019 is one of the perfect times to catch a glimpse of your favourite stars. This year was no different, with the incredibly popular Stray Kids making a return appearance.

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Upon arriving on stage, Stray Kids sat down for a Q&A where they revealed their first thoughts regarding the group name Stray Kids. Han noted that he had a slight reaction to the context of the word ‘Kids’ at the time, but they all agreed that they couldn’t think of themselves as anything else now.

Dancing to highlights of their top songs, Stays’ and KCON attendees got a chance to see Stray Kids dance in person. Their energy and excitement reverberated through the incredibly packed floor in front of the KCON Expo stage. Bang Chan’s eloquence and sincerity dripped through words and loathe to go, even when saying ‘bye,’ they all took every moment to wave to their fans. One can’t help but feel the love that Stray Kids emit through their energy and vivacity. We hope to see more of them soon!