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If you missed AB6IX on the #KCONFOODIE stage on August 17th, you missed out!

Esna was the fabulous host du jour and she couldn’t have been more perfect in getting everyone engaged. AB6IX arrived onstage to the excitement of a packed crowd filled with excitement. After a quick Q&A, the guys politely donned their aprons and gloves. The menu might have been sandwiches for the fans, but as they weren’t technically allowed to share the food with the crowd, why let it go to waste? Esna said that it was okay to eat – so they did!

From the start DaeHwi couldn’t get enough of bacon. Despite Esna’s efforts to make him focus on making vs. eating, nothing was going to stop the munching man. But he wasn’t alone. Next to him was Woong who was making his main sandwich when he discovered the Nutella. Though first spreading it on bread for an open sandwich, Woong quickly realized – who needs bread with Nutella? For everyone who watching, Woong made ‘Nutella and chopsticks’ a thing.

Frankly, it seemed everyone was hungry since there wasn’t an empty mouth on stage. Woojin hilariously tried to make his mouth large enough to fit in his whole sandwich and nevermind DongHyun, who was secretly playing a waving game with the crowd. Mukbang is Korean for the popular shows where people watch others eat, a concept that was a personal mystery until watching this. Watching AB6IX eat with joy was delightful and hilarious.

After signing an apron for a lucky fan, the guys were off!

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