Over the past week, Australia has been blessed with MONSTA X‘s tour We Are Here; each night was filled with light sticks and chants from Monbebes, the septet’s adoring fan-base.

In celebration, here is a quick list of seven things I absolutely LOVED about MONSTA X and their sell-out shows:

1. MONSTA X Sure Know How To Put On A Damn Good Show

To be honest, I only came into the show only knowing a handful of songs from MONSTA X. However, I left the concert with at least a dozen new songs in my playlist and a new-found appreciation for I.M and Wonho in particular. Each song was pure quality, the choreography was amazingly well-put together and in-sync, and it is obvious MONSTA X truly enjoy performing together on stage and have a group dynamic that is hard to gauge through just videos. The show was truly an all-round amazing experience that you just have to be there to witness.

2. Each Member Put On Their Absolute Best For Fans

Most of the time, a group will usually have one or two members that are quite quiet and reserved. In MONSTA X, this member appears to not exist. Each member interacted well with each other, the fans, and even their stage translator, making sure to create an incredibly immersive experience for the whole audience, young and old. And while I.M is known to speak fluent English and often conversed in English to the audience, each member tried their best just for their fans, not afraid to give things ago even though this may have caused a few laughs at certain points (one particular moment being when Shownu was pointing at another member’s face and trying to say the word “teeth”, but the word coming out very very inappropriately). From Shownu’s Mukbang ASMR, to Hyungwon’s fashion styling, each member knows how to perform to their strengths for Monbebes.

3. The Choreography For Each Dance Was Powerful And Punchy, Leaving A Lasting Impact On Each Fan

Whether is was a routine curated by their choreographer or by Shownu, each punch, kick and thrust was so perfectly in-sync that I began to wonder if the members were really seven individuals or just one person. The dances would have undoubtedly been tiring, but MONSTA X carried through all the way to the end, performing with absolute energy that had people jumping around or bouncing in their seats!

4. MONSTA X Also Proved At Times That They Didn’t Need Choreography To Create An Amazing Song

Sure, with MONSTA X’s clear and distinct sound, choreography would always energise the audience, but during the show, MONSTA X shined just as brightly during songs that had minimal dancing, or no dancing at all. This could be especially seen during their performance of ‘Myself’, which, just by simply using a spotlight and their voices, perfectly encapsulated the spirit of the song and allowed the members to stand out as singers.

5. Each Unit And Solo Stage Gave Members A Chance To Shine At What They Do Best

Monbebes were really in for a treat during the night. The show was filled with special stages and performances, from Jooheoni’s drum solo to a stage by DJ H.ONE, or special units featuring Kihyun Minhyuk and Hyungwon, or Shownu and Wonho. Each stage highlighted each members talents and let them perform at their best, whether it be a different style of music, a personal talent or new way to engage the audience. My personal favourites would have to be I.M and Jooheoni’s special stage (featuring an almost successful bottle flip by I.M that brought comedy and character to the stage) as well as DJ H.ONE’s performance that temporarily turned the concert into a rave.

6. The Production Value Behind The Show Was Amazing

Yes, the whole show is about MONSTA X. But I have a massive appreciation for the backstage team behind the show, and those who were responsible for even getting the show together. Each outfit the members wore complimented their body, image and, aura, as well as signifying to the audience the type of song they were about to see. The lights and background to each segment were perfectly on point with the show, and if there were any hiccups on a technical side, we certainly didn’t see it. Most people forget that it takes a whole team and a lot of time to put together a show of this size, and the point of a backstage team would be to do such a good job that the audience wouldn’t notice them, but I couldn’t help but notice the seamlessness and high quality of the show.

7. After The Show, It Was Clear To see How Fans Feel About MONSTA X.

MONSTA X are talented. There are not many groups I have seen that have all their members well-rounded and perfectly complimenting each other, but MONSTA X has this. Walking in as a non-fan not knowing much about each member and leaving the night wanting to know and listen to more of MONSTA X, my thoughts and feelings about the concert were evidently not just shared by me, but by the entire audience. Whether or not you know MONSTA X, just by spending a few hours watching them perform, I can almost guarantee that you would be in awe of them as well. The fan-base in Australia, while perhaps not as big as mainstream western artists or bigger Asian artists, are really loud, enthusiastic and passionate about MONSTA X, and with enough time, I believe that MONSTA X will grow to have a massive impression within the Australian community. But don’t just take my word for it. You’ll have to see for yourself.

Photos Courtesy of Starship Entertainment