It’s been three years since Super Junior has last performed in Singapore. Though it was short, the one-night only concert Super Show 7 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Saturday was undeniably memorable to a 7,500-strong E.L.Fs. 

Following the success of their previous sold-out concerts in Seoul, Super Junior kickstarted their World Tour by greeting Singapore fans with a three-hour gig. The concert boasts a string of our favourite dance numbers such as “Shirt”, “This Is Love” and their latest title track “Black Suit”.

The seven active Super Junior members – Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Shindong, Donghae, Eunhyuk and Siwon – proved their significance in the K-pop industry with their in sync professional stage, spontaneous banter and hilarious antics. 

Missed the concert? Here are seven highlights of Super Show 7 in Singapore.

1. One More Chance Stage

From the tragic VCR and excellent acting from member Donghae to the composer’s solo piano repertoire and emotional group singing on stage. It was a perfect stage. Our favourite stage performance of the night.

2. Power Rangers Super Junior

We’ve seen how funny and out of the world Super Junior could be.

3. Lee Teuk’s Letter To E.L.F

Another heartwarming episode when leader Lee Teak read a heartfelt letter to his Singapore fans.

4. Super Junior Hilarious Ment

We love Super Junior and E.L.F conversations that night so much. Rather than the usual concert ment we are used to, Super Junior had real conversations with their fans filling the hall with laughter as they accused their fans of lying when they confessed that half of the hall was filled with students. The group was also impressed that their fans understand Korean well. Jokingly expressing his disbelief, Eunhyuk went, “Why did I bother learning English?”. Did we mention Eunhyuk and Heechul obsession with chilli crab? to the point of comparing their fans to chilli crab…

5. Everyone’s beautiful smile

Everyone was full of smiles and we had a great time watching their performances. However one person really caught our eyes. It was great seeing Siwon smiling again and enjoying performing on stage. Boy has gone through quite a bit recently, we are glad to see him back where he belong.

6. Shindong’s Sweet and Caring Nature

If you haven’t heard, Shindong was distributing water to fans who were in standing pen. He was kind and sweet to care for those who have been queuing and standing for long hours to fill up the concert venue with passion. Rather than a fan and idol relationship, you can say Super Junior treats their fans more like a family.

7. The Unclose and Personal Interactions (Fan Service)

Yesung’s charisma, he was waving for a long time at the end of the concert. Making sure that he doesn’t miss any E.L.F. Leader Lee Teak was running around greeting the fans too. And there was Eunhyuk who lived up to his nick name “monkey” – he climbed onto the bridge for a bit to greet his fans and get personal with them. We swoon over Shindong, Siwon and Heechul sweet waves. And of course we have Lee Donghae who got super duper upclose with fans in standing area – taking selfies and holding their hands.