Returning to Singapore TWICE as big after their first successful concert, TWICE 1st Tour: TWICELAND The Opening in Singapore at The Star Theatre last year, the nonet once again showcased immense popularity with impressive stage setup, spectacular visual effects, and stellar sound effects and catchy tracks.

TWICE has an incredible record of over 2 million album sales in less than 3 years, and is known as the fastest growing K-pop girl group. Their latest “What is Love” MV surpassed 20 million views in 35 hours! So the group successful return to our sunny island it’s rather obvious, isn’t it?

Don’t worry if you missed the concert, or are experiencing post-concert withdrawals. We’ve got you covered.

Here are 9 highlights we love from TWICE’s concert in Singapore last Saturday.

1. The dreamy VCR
We love how beautiful and dreamy the VCR are. Looking as gorgeous as ever, TWICE girls transported everyone to a bewitching Alice In Wonderland like fairytale world with a sweet track, “You In My Heart”. Appropriate start to our fantasy land journey, we must say.

2. The impressive stage set up and cute props
We really love the cute theme, props and settings at the concert. They are all linked back to TWICELAND ZONE 2’s concept – Fantasy Park. While the VCR show us the girls goddess side, the cute theme and lyrics shown on screen, as well as TWICE outfits and dance (and of course, aegyo!) are too hard to resist! Oh, you must not miss the beautiful snowflakes set up during “Someone Like Me”!

“I know that it’s not easy to love us since we are so far away and we can’t meet often. We are very touched and thankful by your love and support.

3. TWICE’s love for their fans
During the concert, leader Jihyo said, “I know that it’s not easy to love us since we are so far away and we can’t meet often. We are very touched and thankful by your love and support.” While Tzuyu and Sana explained that they wish to meet and interact with everyone more closely hence they prepared a lot of special stage as well as a pretty extended stage for everyone to ensure they could all have fun together. This shows how much the girls thought of their fans. How sweet!

4. TWICE’s interactions with fans
We love how the group make use of technology to its full potential to communicate and personalise their interactions with fans. It’s fresh to see how ONCEs (TWICE official fan club) are made to be part of TWICE Escape The Room game, which is a pre-recorded VCR. ONCEs had lots of fun helping the girls to escape the room game by screaming their love, answering questions along side the girls through video.

5. The uber loud fan chants
Nayeon’s praises aren’t simply fan service, though. The reason why she kept praising Singapore fans is because Singapore ONCEs were chanting and singing along to every song! Very loudly at that. If you were at the stadium, you’d understand what we meant when we say it’s heartwarming to see the entire stadium become one – echoing with TWICE’s hits. We love how ONCEs are chanting and singing along to their special stages, too.

Seems like TWICE are really proud of Singapore ONCEs. Well done, ONCEs!

“Singapore ONCEs are really really nice.”

6. Nayeon’s cute English
The girls tried their best to communicate with local fans with English and Mandarin. Nayeon really stand out because she cutely imitated the translator’s English throughout the night. Feeding ONCEs with praises and aegyo in English, we really love Nayeon’s bright smiles as she went, “Singapore ONCEs are really really great and nice.” Right back at you, Nayeon!

7. Flawless stage and performances
When you put in you heart, mind and soul into something, it shows. We could see the amount of hard work, and effort the nonet put in for their stage. The amazing performances they put up including special remixed and acoustic versions of their hit songs such as “What is Love”, “Likey”, “Knock Knock”. Running for about 3 hours, the girls had little rests between their cute hits, sexy dance moves, emotional ballads and of course, changing into elaborate outfits.

8. The special stages
No wonder the concert ran for more than 3 hours, the girls really had a lot prepared! They surprised us with different charms through their special stages. Preparing on her own, Dahyun’s “Rainism” cover showed off masculine charms and flawless dance moves. Meanwhile Jihyo, Momo and Tzuyu challenged themselves with a sexy and seductive cover of Beyonce’s “End Of Time”, which is different from their signature cute style.

The group’s bright and unique rendition of WINNER’s “Really Really” set the crowd on fire, too. And it stole our hearts just as much. If we must choose, that’d be our favourite special stage of the night.

“We will always wait for TWICE to return”

9. ONCEs and TWICE undying love for each other
At the end of the concert, ONCEs prepared a surprise video and banner message in Korean, which translates to “We will always wait for TWICE to return” for the girls. Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, and Tzuyu watched the special video, which thanked for their hard work and reminisced the group’s concert in Singapore a year ago, with teary eyes. This was an unforgettable moment that completely caught the girls off guard.

Jihyo went, “We didn’t know that you guys prepared a special video for us. We don’t really know what to say. But thank you for your love and support.”