Fans waiting with baited breath for Crush’s next full length album have been gifted some sustaining oxygen by his new Interlude EP. The South Korean R&B wunderkind has rolled out a sultry five-track offering designed to bridge the gap between his 2014 debut solo album, Crush On You, and his second as-yet-untitled full-length album due in Fall 2016. Lets look at the two singles from Interlude: “Woo Ah” and “9 to 5”:

Short and sweet, Interlude offers up everything we expect from Crush: major grooves, hardest smooths, a little humor, a whole lot of neo-soul. Lead single ‘Woo Ah’ is getting lots of attention, and rightly so. It is very much in the vein of his mega hit, ‘Hug Me’ and is definitely the crooniest and sexiest of Interlude tracks.

What we did not see coming: one of the darkest music videos in recent memory supporting the trappy auto-tuned rise-and-grind Gaeko feature, ‘9 to 5’ and a dreamy dip into soft Latin-inspired electronica with all English lyrics by the mysterious MISO, ‘Castaway’ — seriously, who is this lady and where can we hear more of her?

Crush produced four of the five track on the EP and his maturity and craftsmanship in the production of Interlude has been raised to another level. Lots of the familiar sprinkled with hints of exciting new directions: if Interlude is any indication, Crush’s forthcoming full length album sounds like it should be a good one!

Review Score: 8 out of 10

Interlude EP by Crush is currently available on iTunes Australia.