Been seeing Eric Nam’s tweets hinting at new music and collaboration the past week? Sure you have. That’s because Eric recently released a new single with DJ Arty titled “Idea Of You” on June 10th.

When we heard that Eric Nam was working together with DJ Arty, a Russian DJ known for his down tempo electronica big room genre, we couldn’t wait to see what kind of music will come out from this huge collaboration.

“Idea Of You” turns out to be a fresh and chill track. Backed with emotional and relatable lyrics, the song tells a story and reflection of a separation. It doesn’t sound like most EDM tracks. There’s this distinct harmonic beats and sophistication of Eric pop vocals to it.

Also, may be it’s the EDM element that creates a smooth and endless loop. We were listening to it for hours on the loop without even knowing where the ending of the song supposed to be. Yes, it’s that addictive.

We fell in love with “Idea Of You” right away. It’s funny how chill and sophisticated yet emotional “Idea Of You” is. Seeing how well DJ Arty and Eric work together, we demand more!

It’s interesting to see what came out of Eric’s collaborations with U.S musicians, namely Gallant and KOLAJ the past year. Because unlike his Korean records, Eric surely showcase his potential across a wide range of sound spectrum as he breaks into U.S music market. A successful on at that.

Leaving his K-pop idol image, Eric made it into Forbes 30 by 30 list and named as the most recognized names in Korean entertainment industry today. Wow.

Congratulations, Eric! We are proud of you.

Eric Nam’s funny reaction when “Idea Of You” was on the radio.

All in all, we love his signature quirky, retro and upbeat K-pop music such as “Can’t Help Myself”, and soothing romantic ballads like his “Beautiful” Goblin OST English version – which you should really listen to if you haven’t. His crisp pop vocals turn out to be a smash in the electronic scene, too. And we are just so happy that he is gaining the recognition he deserves for his music both in locally Korea and most internationally.

Well, it’s only fair. The past records, “Cave Me In” and “ Into You” with Gallant and KOLAJ respectively, were smashing and sophisticated. And with “Idea Of You” added into the list, we are sure his presence in the electronic scene will be substantial sooner than later.

Love “Idea Of You” as much as we do? Stream and download it here.

Review score: FOUR STARS (OUT OF FIVE)