From the opening bars of GOT7‘s Flight Log: Turbulence, you know you’re in for a treat. After many teasers, the long awaited comeback album dropped on the 27th of September [0AM KST] and the fans have been pumping it up ever since. GOT7’s Jaebum, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam and Yugyeom returned with a new mature style, infused with the fresh, youthful flare we all know and love. What’s even better about this album, you ask? Well almost every track is written by a member of the group!


The opening track “Skyway”, features electronica vibes, reminiscent of Daft Punk and lyrics so smooth that it could only come from Defsoul (a.k.a. JB). Every time I hear this song, I can only imagine what ridiculously stylistic choreography is awaiting us. With some musical breakdowns bound to get you moving, and funky vocalisations (“sky-WEH”), this track is definitely one to add to your summer hits list.

Favourite Lyric: “Lock my fingers with yours, that’s your seat belt”

하드캐리 (Hard Carry)

If “Hard Carry”, doesn’t make you want to get up and dance, then I don’t know what will. Accompanied by some intense dance moves (honestly, have you seen them dance it at x2 the speed?!), there is no wonder why this track was the first to be released. Filled with fast-paced catchy melodies and unbelievable vocals (looking at you Youngjae), even my mother loves this track.

Fun-fact: There are some dope mash-ups of “Hard Carry” and BTS’ “Fire” on Youtube.

Boom x3

“Boom x3”, has finally made it! Jackson Wang initially wrote this song for Flight Log: Departure, however it was rejected (boo!). However, someone recognised his genius and here we are, blessed with this sexy R&B song about letting loose, partying and having a good time. This track is smooth, sultry and sexy – the perfect metaphor for GOT7!

Favourite Lyric: “I’m breathless and my whole body is sweaty but I don’t want to stop”

Prove It

If you want a song to make you feel like the most special person in the world, then “Prove It” is your tune. A slower-paced R&B track with soft vocals that will make your heart race, and lyrics (written by the one and only, Im Jaebum) that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, “Prove It” is definitely one for the fans. The lyrics of this make me feel so loved, that I included two favourites!

Favourite Lyric: “I hope that you understand my heart” // “I want you to be the one to pick out my clothes. That when I walk this path, you’ll be next to me”

“노잼” (No Jam)

So I genuinely love every song on this album, but “노잼” (which translates to “No Jam” or “No Fun”) is my absolute favourite track. The first time I heard this song, I was cruising in my car, windows down, the summer sun warming my skin… and life could not have felt more perfect than in that moment. With the help of music producer guru Frants, this song about is about partying with your special someone, and the upbeat electronic vibes officially make it my new summer anthem!

Favourite Lyric: “If you can be my Mary-Jane, Imma be your Spiderman” (Umm, yes, please!)



Our boy Ars (a.k.a. Youngjae) penned this tune and I just have to give him props for this track. It’s sweet and simple, honouring classic R&B tunes with lyrics about unrequited love and wanting to protect your dream girl from the bad boys. Youngjae, you hit the nail on the head with this one. It’s simply perfect.

Favourite Lyric: “Hey, if you make her cry again, I won’t let it go bad boy”


The chilling sound of the piano at the beginning of “Mayday” instantly sets it apart from the other tracks. Whilst the electronics throughout the track tie it into the rest of the album, the overall emotion of this song really shines through each vocal component and lyric. This song is all about heart-break, isolation and just holding on. Oh Jinyoung… who knew that GOT7’s eomma could write such beautiful music?

Favourite Lyric: “My insides are twisted without anyone knowing about it”

My Home

Whomever this song is about is one lucky person. GOT7’s hyung, Mark wrote the lyrics for “My Home”, a song about finding that comfortable love with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. This song is pure indulgence for fans, with a mix of musical breakdowns, a catchy chorus and overall relaxed vibes.

Favourite Lyric: “I want to show you off to the whole world. You will always be by my side”

Who’s That?

I can’t be the only one who thinks of a tropical love affair saga when I listen to “Who’s That?” A guy, fed up with his girl after she constantly compares him to her ex. There he stands, saying ‘enough is enough’, because he’s not like the rest of the guys out there. It’s a fun and chill song, addressing an issue that I’m sure many of us have been through before.

Favourite Lyric: “I’m the best for you, stop comparing me with other men”

“만약에” (If)

Okay, so let me be entirely honest… if I *had* to choose a least favourite song, “만약에 (If)” would be it, and that’s only because I prefer upbeat, fast tracks, whereas this is a mellow romance song. Featuring some cute lyrics (thanks BamBam and Mark!) about feeling too shy to admit your feelings to your crush, this track is accompanied by a charming guitar melody and angelic vocals. It is still a winner!

Favourite Lyric: “Now I want to protect, even your smile”


“아파” (Sick)

If you haven’t seen the vocal line of GOT7 absolutely slay “아파 (Sick)” on [GOT the Stage]2, go and check it out right now… I’ll wait. Okay, you’re back? Can we talk about how flawless the vocals are on this track? You can hear the emotion pouring into this song with harmonies so pure, you can’t help but be floored by the feels. Even more ‘feels-inducing’ is the fact that this song is written entirely by Youngjae, Mark and Jackson *heart eyes*

Favourite Lyric: The whole damn song!

“니꿈꿔” (Dreaming’)

It’s the repetition in “니꿈꿔 (Dreaming/Dreaming of You)” that gets this track stuck in your head and wanting to clap along to the beat. Jaebum and BamBam are here to tell you that GOT7 are thinking of you in their dreams every night. The opening synth of this song gives it an ‘other-worldly’, dream vibe which goes hand-in-hand with the meaning of this song. We see what you did there!

Favourite Lyric: “I think I’m hooked on you, I’m trapped in my dream”

Let Me

The final song of this album definitely encompasses the new, mature R&B vibe that GOT7 are striving to achieve. The backing track for this song is beautiful, utilising moments of silence to emphasise some of the best vocal performances of the group to date, as well as highlighting the romantic and purely sweet lyrics, written with the help of Mark. It’s the perfect close to this perfect album, and yes GOT7… I will let you hold my hand!

Favourite Lyric: “You are crazily radiant, you plant the sun in my heart” // “Let me hold your hand, embrace me atop this blue ocean”

Overall, GOT7’s Flight Log: Turbulence is a step in a new, adult direction for the group. Each track repeatedly proves how talented these young men are, how far they’ve come and how far they will go. I’m the kind of person who likes all types of music, but I’m also extremely selective about the songs I listen to on repeat. This entire album has made my cut. This album is emotion inducing and dancing provoking, and you need it in your life, like yesterday!

Review Score: 8.5 out of 10

The Flight Log: Turbulence by GOT7 is currently available on iTunes Australia.

Lyric translations obtained from Photos courtesy of  JYP Entertainment.