Shennio Lin

Recently releasing her first album, Shennio Lin (道聽塗說) has waited 12 years to truly have a body of work to call her own. And she certainly hasn’t let us down this time either, releasing her chart-topping first single “Remembering You” which I am absolutely in love with.

Not worrying too much about the storyline of the video, it just seems to be a break-up between a couple. However, the cinematography in the bits Shennio appears in are absolutely stunning in their vintage curiosity and tinge the loneliness and heartbreak she sings of with a romantic hue. Loving the use of different colour grades and effects in this music video too, which really puts Taipei forward in a different and refreshing perspective.

In terms of the song itself, Lin’s vocals can’t be faulted. Although she herself says that the song was not sung perfectly, I believe that its value lay in the emotion she put into it. The song actually tells the story of Shennio being cheated on by her ex and facing a similar situation to that of the couple in the music video, thus you can truly hear the emotion that come through in her clear and resonant vocals. An extremely catchy melody backed by an atmospheric arrangement that really packs a rock-influenced punch, the song in itself is eclectic and ear-catching.

A pleasure to my ears that has been on repeat since the moment I heard it!

Watch the video here:

Review Score: 8 out of 10

Remembering You by Shennio Lin is currently available to stream on the KKBox platform in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.