I have to say, “Blindspot” is one of the most visually stunning music videos released by G.E.M for her visual album so far. Directed by Taiwanese director Bi Er Gu, unlike some of G.E.M’s other music videos which excelled in some areas but less so in others, “Blindspot” was simple in its galaxy-themed concept and consistent in its aesthetic content throughout. Splicing between shots of G.E.M in a beautiful white dress, close up shots of her eyes and some beautiful CGI work of a galaxy surrounding her, the music video is totally flawless and went very well with the very obvious otherworldly theme of the song’s arrangement.

In terms of the song itself, I really appreciated the galaxial theme in “Blindspot” arrangement, created using synthesiser sounds. It created a beautiful widening of horizons, rendering viewers/listeners feeling as if they were but a tiny speck of dust in the universe (but in a good way of course). This was seamlessly paired with a beautiful and ethereal violin sound, that directed the song forward, before it reached its peak with a heavy rock-inspired bridge. However I felt that the rock arrangement here was uninspired, and just felt like something which had been chucked in there without care, as it is a technique that is used quite often in Gem’s songs. Similarly, I loved the way Gem’s chorus and voice pulled me in within the verses; they had bite to them and a strange kind of staying power. However when I got to the chorus, what it sounded like to me was that halfway through Gem got stuck and started repeating notes, leading to very little variation and not enough ‘oomph’ in the chorus.

Lyric-wise, I do like this idea of a ‘blind spot’ which was created very well through the imagery of the lyrics itself-but unfortunately to me the lyrics did not blend well with the arrangement and music video direction. While the lyrics were about being blind to what is around you, the arrangement and music video were more about outer space, which last time I checked, really had nothing to do with blind spots at all.

“Blindspot” although visually strong, was paired with melody, lyrics and arrangements which all suffered from blind spots(pun intended), ultimately detracting from the entire package’s cohesiveness.

Review Score: 7 out of 10

Blindspot is available on iTunes Australia