I would have to say that this is one of the favourite song’s off G.E.M‘s new album of the same name. Not always being known for quality execution, this song really came together in every aspect; be it melody, lyrics, production and even direction of the music video.

G.E.M did a great job with “Heartbeat” melody and lyrics; fitting them together seamlessly to create an intrinsically upbeat and passionate song. I especially love the lyrics, which to me although in Chinese, are written with a very western style of discourse, alluding to beautiful imagery such as Phoenix rising from the flames. Once again, G.E.M does a great job of fusing east-west in a creative and refreshing way that has been tried by few others. Extremely simple, yet heartfelt language that certainly lent a kind of optimism to the song.

The catchy melody was further helped by Gronig’s borrowing from the EDM genre which lifted G.E.M’s smooth vocals to another level. I really loved the dynamic quality of the song, which used layering of the EDM beats together with backing vocals to align itself perfectly to the nuances of the song. Gem’s powerhouse vocals truly shine through in the song too, in ways that I have never seen.

Directed by American director Hannah Lux Davis, the music video although not entirely unique, nevertheless did the trick. Seeming to be a clever mix of Taylor Swift‘s ‘You belong with me’ and Katy Perry‘s ‘Firework’ music videos, the video is set in an American high school and follows the ups and downs of three girls who are haunted by their flaws, yet try and try until they succeed. Good editing and poppy visuals energise the song further.

Overall, a great, well made effort!

Review score: 9 out of 10

Heartbeat is out now on iTunes Australia