One of the first singles released by G.E.M for her new album Heartbeat, “Long Distance” is an important single to set the scene for her album given the visual aspect of it and the prolonged waits between that single and the following ones. Unfortunately, the storyline for the music video of “Long Distance” was convoluted and with too many elements. There were too many different scenes that were mashed together without much rhyme or rhythm to them. However the music video did do a good job of pre empting the otherworldly theme that has been dispersed throughout her following music videos since. However the mix was too eclectic to create a lasting imagery in my mind of what the song was about.

The melody was effortlessly catchy, and written in G.E.M’s signature balladic style. I felt it was a little repetitive, as she used many elements she had previously used in her music, but nevertheless its listenability makes it an easy listening pleasure on each and every listen. G.E.M’s voice, high and velveteen was the star of the show in this song, and I love how it was made front and centre within this song, by being paired with a soothing and serene piano backing and a feeling of wide open atmospheres.

A great melody performed well by G.E.M, but quality issues meant “Long Distance” overall did not quite stack up to the standard of the other tracks on Heartbeat.

Review Score: 6 out of 10

Heartbeat is available on iTunes Australia