G.E.M‘s latest single ‘Therefore’ suits her personality very much; a song laden with emotions and textures. It is what we in Chinese would call ‘重口味’, or full of flavour. However, whether those flavours mix well together is another issue altogether.

Once again, G.E.M’s worked with her producer Lupo to try and create music that incorporates a fusion of East-West flavours to it, choosing to use G.E.M’s very Chinese ballad style of writing and changing things up with a spanish-flamenco influenced arrangement, creating an eclectic yet refreshing feel for the song. I especially love the little hints of guitar riffs that peek out in the song. Gronig also adds a strong dose of EDM and house beats to the song, keeping things interesting while further muddying the mix.

I do quite like the imagery of G.E.M’s Chinese lyrics, but they are a stark and meaningless contrast with the english hook ‘Baby you’ve gone far away’, as well as the rap lyrics which are plain and add nothing to the song. I also think G.E.M’s rapping skills in this song seem impassioned and in need of work.

As for the music video which was directed by Taiwanese director Bi Er Jia, I think he came through with the very vintage style setting and cinematography, however that faceless man dancing around G.E.M was more masked murderer than anything else. After watching it through a couple of times, I still don’t know what it means and am not really motivated to find the message through the music video either.

Overall, there was certainly a case of too many elements added into the mix here, but it nevertheless was an interesting concept to start off with.

Review score: 6.5 out of 10

G.E.M’s new album Heartbeat is out now on iTunes Australia