Very much like his last single, the 16-year old wunderkind Patrick Brasca has certainly brought to the music scene a unique, fresh blend of EDM-Rock that is light and funky – just like his clean boy-next-door music. One thing I really like about Brasca is that his melodies are seamless and never fragmented. Each section flows cleanly into the next, and compliments his snazzy dance moves in the “My Time” music video perfectly.

Brasca has created a unique selection of EDM sounds that unlike the normal dancing-in-a-dingy-bar pack is fresh and effortlessly groovy. I really like how he’s used a rap song structure and a sung chorus, something which is unconventional but works so well in the song. The only thing I’d say is that for good or bad, he has certainly been influenced by his mentor Jay Chou, and I can hear a few hooks that Chou has previously used in his sung-spoken style of rap that Brasca borrows from.

Visually, the “My Time” music video is interesting, set in a future where strange faceless men help Brasca fast forward through his life by moving main players in and out of the very American-style home. A little strange, but my favourite part is definitely Brasca’s dancing and his enthusiasm. Definitely a talented kid I’d be looking out for in the future.

Review Score: 8.5 out of 10