This time around, it seems that Show Lo is using the Jolin Tsai route to critical acclaim by choosing to make his first single “Let Go” a brutal critique of Taiwanese society – not that I’m complaining, of course.“Let Go” follows an interesting and unconventional structure, with Show Lo starting the song off with his rapping skills, before going into a chorus followed by a sung verse, the chorus again, a rap bridge by Starr Chen before seamlessly transitioning back into the chorus. A very slick production, it’s impressive that Show himself wrote the lyrics and composed the single, the latter with the help of rapper Starr Chen. I have to say though, although all the elements fit in together very well, the fact that there are so many of them makes some parts of the song more forgettable. Show’s singing was as good as he could have made it, however I feel that his voice wasn’t prominent enough due to its warm and honest quality which got lost easily in between all the EDM elements.

Show’s lyrics were clear and simple, and his signature passion really came through in them. Given Taiwan’s obsession with all things gossip and entertainment in combination with their technological competence, cyber bullying has become a huge thing, with the government even putting in place anti-cyber bullying campaigns to try and tone down the ‘sour’ talk as they call it. Thus, Show’s song is especially relevant to both Taiwanese society and the world as we trek even further into the technological age.

Watching the music video certainly added a spark to the song and drove the point home coolly and succinctly. Produced by Grass Jelly Studios which also famously directed Jolin Tsai’s ‘The Great Artist” music video, Show’s song was definitely in good hands here. I especially liked the symbolism at the start with the mouse tied in the shape of a hangman’s knot that appeared at the beginning, but the ‘outcast’ main characters that appeared were a little stereotypical, with the nerd at the beginning closely resembling one of the characters in indie band Gigantic Roar’s “Flying from the Birdy Tower” golden indie award winning music video. Although I clearly understood the whole concept, in between following how the three characters get bullied, the clips of Show dancing in a cage, him suddenly getting pulled out to be shot without resolving what happened to the other characters and the shots of the other rapper it seemed that there was too much going on, although I have to say all of it was very symbolic and well shot.

Show’s dancing, as usual was phenomenal, and although I rarely say this, it definitely added a little something to “Let Go”. His energy, his swag and the professional quality of his moves placed the spotlight clearly on him, and only him.

Overall a very well done video with a great take-home message.

Review Score: 8 out of 10

Let Go is available on iTunes Australia