Yoga Lin‘s first single after his extended stint at National Service in Taiwan has left fans applauding his return, and expressing their appreciation for his new brand of music that has come to light of late. His first single “Travelling Around” is something that is a lot lighter than what he usually deals with, and is one of the only songs that actually has a melody written by Yoga himself.I can tell that another layer of experience has been added to his music; through being able to express himself through compositions, to me Lin now seems more relatable, more warm as a person rather than the talented but distant vocalist I previously saw him as.

Taking a bunch of very interesting influences from R&B and Jazz, the melody itself is honest and catches itself on my heart with each listen. However, I’m surprised that none have been able to pick up the huge hint of Khalil Fong’s sound that Lin’s borrowed within this song. The bridge is styled exactly like something Khalil would write back in his “Wonderland” album days, what with all the soft crooning backing vocals and heavy use of the drums to create starts and stops in the melody, and the chorus somewhat hints at a similar feeling too. I can’t deny that the sound suits Yoga though, which is probably due to his versatile vocals, which absorb warmth and fit every nuance of the song like a glove. The lyrics by Chen Xin Ting are nostalgic and refreshing in their modern-day imagery that takes you on a trip around the streets of Taipei where even memories that have never been made come to life.

Note: The single is also the theme song for new drama “Marry Me or Not?”

Review Score: 8 out of 10