I said it on Twitter and I will say it again here- I have never been so unprepared for a film’s plot progression in my life as I was for My Ordinary Love Story. It was unexpected and completely masterful.

The story follows a slightly outspoken Eun-Jin (Gang Ye-Won), who introduces us one by one to her list of unfavorable ex-boyfriends. Now nearing 30 her lack of a decent relationship is starting to weigh on her mind. After being dumped by her 6th boyfriend for being not “marriage material” she shares a taxi with a young shy man called Hyun-suk (brilliant acting here by Song Sae-Byeok). At the end of their shared ride Hyun-Suk asks for her phone number and the two begin dating.

Now engaged Eun-Jin is a little unsettled in her relationship with the pacifist Hyun-Suk, unsatisfied by explanations of love coming with both joy and sadness, how men and women never see eye to eye and how you are meant to find the person who is perfectly unperfect for you. Hyun-Suk explains that he likes Eun-Jin because she is honest and innocent, she scoffs and explains that he should have said it was because he likes everything about her.

Soon Eun-Jin suspects that Hyun-Suk is cheating on her, and so begins her obsessive investigations into his behavior and movements helped by her policewoman best friend So-Young (Park Grina). It is here that the plot starts to go along its different course and I will say no more.

If the similar voiced reactions of my fellow audience members were anything to go by though, it seems like I wasn’t alone in my unsuspecting viewing. See it (without reading about it first), and then we can all talk about it together.


Running Time: 93 minutes (w/English Subtitles)