If I have to describe Venus Talk (Hangul: 관능의 법칙, translated into “The Laws of Pleasures”) in few words, I would say that it is the Korean “Sex and the City”. Directed by Kwon Chil-In and written by Lee Soo-Ah, Venus Talk is a sexy, light-hearted and refreshing flick.

Venus Talk follows a story of three women in their forties who have been best friends for years. Shin-Hye (played by Uhm Jung-Hwa), who is a single, intelligent, and hardworking TV producer. Mi-Yeon (Moon So-Ri), a housewife with a high sexual drive, happily married to Jae-Ho (Lee Sung-Min). Hae-Young (Jo Min-Soo), a divorced single mother who owns a cafe and is dating a middle-aged carpenter, Sung-Jae (Lee Geung-Young). Shin-Hye, Mi-Yeon, and Hae-Young are walking on different paths, however, they are tightly-knit and are always there to support each other. The story line moves between characters; Shin-Hye was getting over the fact that her boyfriend, who happened to be the chief of the TV network she was in thanks to her help in winning him that position, left her to marry her secretary because he got her pregnant. Mi-Yeon was having a second honeymoon phase with Jae-Ho because their son had left the house to study overseas. Whilst Hae-Young was trying to get her daughter, Soo-Jung (Jeon Hye-Jin), to get married and move out of the house so that she could freely date Sung-Jae. The three women were shown to comfortably and freely discuss about their personal sex lives with each other.

The story moved on to show the problems they had to face. Shin-Hye was trying to dodge the gossip about her secret relationship with an outsource TV producer, Hyun-Seung (Lee Jae-Yoon), who was 17 years younger than her and still in his mid twenties. Mi-Yeon found out that Jae-Ho had been cheating on her with another woman, and Hae-Young found out that she had colon cancer. Problems started to appear in their lives and when it seemed like it would not get any better, they stayed together with one another during the difficult times.

I found Venus Talk to be very refreshing and incredibly honest and although it is also very light-hearted, there were some emotional scenes that made me tear a little. The whole movie inflicted a roller coaster of emotions, I found myself tearing up from laughter and from sadness. There were also some very steamy sex scenes, and also some very funny ones. It focused on the lives and the troubles that women in their forties would usually go through. What I loved the most was the diversity of the characters; Shin-Hye was portrayed as a successful intelligent career-woman, Mi-Yeon was portrayed as a housewife with a strong personality, and Mi-Yeon was shown as a kind and gentle single mother who worked hard to support herself and her daughter. Despite the differences in their paths, the characters were shown to be independent, mature, and loyal to one another. Venus Talk is a great romantic comedy that would suit a more mature audience.


This film was originally reviewed at KOFFIA 2014 – Korean Film Festival in Australia.