Whatcha Wearin’? is a movie that was shown as part of KOFFIA 2013. This movie dealt with more mature themes, which made it really stand out to couples and very close best friends.

Briefly, the film is about a girl whom expected to be proposed to one night, which never ended up happening. As the girl was sad about her partner not proposing to her, she tries to become more sexy and seductive by calling him and having phone sex with him. Unaware that she dialled the wrong number until she had finished, she realised that she may have started to enjoy it, and so did the recipient. The main guy role’s story was that his previous lover had moved town (after they broke up months ago). He then received a very interesting phone call, can you guess whose it was?

After many calls between them about each other’s love life, the two slowly formed a friendship, and after they meet for the first time, they started to form a physical relationship.

Of course things wouldn’t turn out that smoothly that they could just form a new relationship between the two. The girls “former” partner realizes that he is slowly loosing her, and in an attempt to bring her back, he proposes to her, in which she accepts. She only accepts because she saw the main guy back with his last girlfriend, whom has returned back home.

The ending to the movie wasn’t very unique. It was almost too predictable, however; that sort of ending can never get too old.

The characters were very well played. They used very famous actors for both the main roles and the side rolls. Its is worth checking out some of their other works as well.

The actors were not the only stars of this movie. The director did a fantastic job using special effects. An example would be, when the two are on the phone to each other about their relationship problems, the main guy would be walking throughout his house, and every time he changed rooms, he would be in his house or the girls’ house. Things like this were used throughout the movie, but the great thing about this movie was, that is was not overly done. They used the right amount of everything.

The different genres of the movie were also delicately balanced. When some laughter was needed to break the tension, the director would incorporate humor, but when there was beginning to be too much drama, there would be a scene with romance.


Running Time: 114 minutes (w/English Subtitles)

This film was originally reviewed at KOFFIA – Korean Film Festival in Australia – 2013. Visit www.koffia.com.au for more information.