Energetic performance group Seventeen was back with the fans for Seventeen Concert ‘IDEAL CUT‘ In Seoul from 28 June to 1 July. Different themes of ‘IDEAL CUT – THE SCENE’, ’IDEAL CUT – H cut’, ‘IDEAL CUT – V cut’ and ‘IDEAL CUT – P’ were used for each day to add new fun for Carats. Take a look into highlights of the ‘IDEAL CUT – V cut’!

1. IDEAL CUT is like watching 3 different concerts

Carats may know that Seventeen is divided into 3 different sub-units – hip hop, vocal and performance. What everyone can realised from IDEAL CUT is that each unit is very talented in their own skills, and together they make extreme synergy effects. Even though IDEAL CUT – V cut was a day for the vocal unit, a single stage each from hip hop and performance was enough to make fans feel like they are watching 3 different concerts. Unreleased song ‘Bend Down’ by S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu and Vernon was full of vibes, and was enough to highlights the members’ rap skills. ‘JAM JAM’ by Hoshi, Jun, The8, and Dino changed the atmosphere to be more cute and cheerful. The vocal unit Woozi, Jeonghan, Joshua, DK and Seungkwan all performed individual stages, showing off their vocal skills.

2. Seventeen is a all-able group

The concert IDEAL CUT was full of surprises and charms. The boys really could digest all different concepts, from sentimental to intense. Every performance had different charms to attract the fans. Dance performances like ‘Thumbs Up’ heated up the arena with powerful moves and charisma, but songs like ‘Pretty U’ also showed cute and cheeky sides of Seventeen. Vocal stage ‘Run To You’ had a rock n roll sense, whilst ‘Camp Fire’ was more sentimental. No wonder Seventeen always bring new concepts and songs – they are able to show off their skills and charms no matter at the song is!

3. The vocal unit has individual charms and is amazing

As mentioned, IDEAL CUT – V cut was a day for the vocal unit. The vocal members had solo stages with unreleased songs. Each song highlighted their vocal skills, emotions and characteristics. What’s more, each members participated in the composing process of their solo songs. DK’s song, temporarily named ‘Fly’, expressed his sensitivity – he wanted to give hopes and dreams to everyone listening. Joshua’s song ‘Can’t Live With Losing You’ was an English song and expressed his cuteness very well. He thought of Carats when composing the song! Seungkwan’s song is unnamed yet, but was very well suited for his emotions and vocal skills. The song too was composed thinking of Carats during his difficult times. Jeonghan’s song pretty much said one sing message – Jeonghan is sexy. He wanted a song that is ‘purple’, and he was right on point! Woozi’s ‘A Future’ highlighted his pureness and it nearly became the vocal unit’s song because everyone loved it so much.

4. IDEAL CUT is full of surprises and love

There were lots of unreleased vocal songs performed on the night and they made the concert much more special. What’s more, VCRs in between the songs delighted the fans by showing different sides of Seventeen. The encore VCR was the most special, as members talked about their feelings and impressions. The VCR expressed Seventeen’s love towards Carats so well – each member mentioned that their most ‘ideal cut’ in their lives are every moment they spend with Carats. The moments of interactions on stage with the fans are the most ideal for Seventeen members, and they want to continue their journey alongside with them.

5. Seventeen is gifted talkers great at interacting with the fans

Apart from all the powerful and professional stages, it was very fun to listen to talking sessions and to watch Seventeen’s natural interactions with the fans. Seungkwan and Hoshi led most of the talkings, but it was easy to see that most of the members were very talented entertainers. There were few funny moments when some members nearly revealed some kind of secrets – their plan before World Tour and the web-drama OST they composed. It was also amazing to see how confident Seventeen was on stage, and their confidence led to natural interactions with Carats.

Over all the IDEAL CUT – V cut showed the best of Seventeen, from their performance skills to love for Carats. It was a mixture of wows and touching moments. Throughout the 28 stages plus talking sessions, the members never lost their enthusiasm and perfect stages. One sad thing was the Vernon hurt his leg at was not able to join the stages for dancing. However, rest of the members surely filled up the entire stage for the fans!